Collecting Children
It is very important that children are collected on time, especially at 3:30 as staff very often have their own children to collect from other schools. If you have children at Beer School, please collect your pre-school children first. We do understand that sometimes things happen to make us late but please could you ring first so that staff know.

Car Park
The car park is shared by the school and pre-school and really isn't big enough and at the beginning and end of the day can be really hectic. Please try not to block others in and please look out for small children. If you park in the delivery only areea by the bins, please make sure you leave enough room for buggies and prans (please don't forget the odd double buggy!) You can park on the street but please make sure you avoid the yellow lines and have a good hand brake!

The school setting and school grounds are all a non smoking area. this includes the car park, so please don't sit and smoke in your car while you are waiting for your child.
This includes Vaping.