The Partnership With Beer Primary School

Although the pre-school and primary school are independent of each other and there are no guarantees that all children from the pre-school will get a place at the primary school, we do have very good links with the school. We try to join with the reception class once or twice a week and in the term before the children start school we arrange for them to spend at least 1 session a week with Class 1. This is proving very popular with all the children and staff. All the children mix very well and the staff get to share different ideas and work with the different children. It is also a good way for the pre-school children to get used to the school environment, making the transition from Puffins to school a smooth process.

Links To Other Schools

We also have links with Seaton Primary School.  Although we don't go over there all year round, we do offer transition sessions in the term before the children start school.
children playing in the garden
          puffins at beer          children playing