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Daily Routine


The session starts at 8am or 1pm and the children can have free play indoor and out for most of the this time. During this time a wide range of different activities, designed to complement each other and to meet the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum are on offer. At some point during the session the children and staff may come together for Circle Time. This is a lovely time for them to share items and stories from home and to talk about the different things they have done during the session. We may also have a story or do some singing or play musical instruments.

Snack Time
At about 10am and 2pm a member of staff opens the 'Snack Cafe'. Children sit down in groups of 4 or 5 to eat their snack. We ask that children bring in fruit from home for their snack and we provide milk or water and a carbohydrate such as toast, crackers or a biscuit.

Lunch Time
If children stay all day they can either bring a healthy packed lunch or order a school dinner.
Packed Lunches: please try to include a drink in a plastic container (no fizzy drinks, please) and some fruit.
School Dinners: If you prefer we an order you a school dinner from the primary school at a cost of £2.40. This includes a healthy main course (or jacket potato) and a pudding, fruit or yoghurt. These are really nice and are tried and tested by the staff!

Outdoor Play
Although children have the opportunity to play outside all day, the last half hour of the session is a special time when we can all go outside and get out the bikes, scooters, footballs and other big outdoor equipment.

Out and About Sessions
At 1 or 2 sessions a week we try and spend the whole session in the garden, on walks up to Peco Woods, or down at the beach. We go on bug hunts, bear hunts, or build dens. We try to go out in all weathers and the pre-school has an assortment of different waterproofs and boots for all the children.


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